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[QUIZ] M'Sians, Which Type Of Credit Card Spender Are You?

Updated 05 Nov 2019 – By Philippe Andrews

From those that cater to fans of movies to those that give you rewards for spending on groceries, credit cards today come in various forms and are literally everywhere — just like credit card promoters that you try very hard to avoid in almost every Malaysian shopping mall.

However, a tool is only as beneficial or as dangerous as its user. Your usage of a credit card is the factor that actually determines whether it will enhance or jeopardise your financial health. This is why you should always know which type of credit card user you are.

Curious? Don’t be kan cheong. Just take the easy quiz below to discover your place in the colourful world of credit cards instead!


There you go! With seven simple questions, you have a better idea of your habits and what’s important to you as a credit card user. You may want to change your lifestyle to better suit your credit card usage after this — or perhaps change your credit cards to better match your lifestyle and financial goals?

Regardless of which you opt to do, remember that you’ll never walk alone because Loanstreet is here to help you every step of the way with our credit card comparison tool!
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