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Tune Protect Malaysia Introduces Online PRO-Health Medical

Updated 11 Mar 2021 – By Team Loanstreet

With the growing awareness for medical protection, soaring healthcare costs and tightened wallets, Tune Protect Malaysia recently launched its first online cashless e-Medical card, PRO-Health Medical - a new cashless medical plan that provides hospitalisation and surgical expenses benefits to suit consumers’ lifestyles and budget needs. 


According to William Foo, Chief Executive Officer of Tune Protect Malaysia, today’s digitally-savvy customers thrive on convenience and simplicity. 

They are health-conscious, sensible and realistic in managing their expenses. 

“These insights spurred the features of PRO-Health Medical as a comprehensive, budget-friendly plan that is easy to understand. Sign-up takes less than 5 minutes and claims are hassle-free via our Tune Protect App which also hosts the e-Medical card for cashless admission,” he added. 

Besides that, Ben Assanasen (Group Health Lead of Tune Protect) shared that this signals the start of engaging millennials through the digital space via education and raising awareness of healthcare at a young age. 

“We want to bring health to the masses, especially to the millennials segment as they are currently underserved and underinsured,” he added.


Sign-up takes less than 5 minutes and claims are hassle-free via Tune Protect App which also hosts the e-Medical card for cashless admission.

It can be purchased by first-time medical insurance customers or as a supplement to customers’ existing medical coverage. Most importantly, it’s available for Malaysians and non-Malaysians who legally reside in Malaysia, aged 18-45 years old and can be renewed up to the age of 65 years. You’re not even obligated to do a full medical-checkup.

There are four plan types with Annual Limits ranging from RM30,000 to RM150,000 - which means there are enough options for you to pick and choose from. 

Unfortunately, this insurance plan isn’t for those who are involved in any extra hazardous occupations or have any pre-existing medical conditions.

Here are why you should sign up:

  • Provides customers coverage for hospitalisation and surgical expenses 
    • This includes in-patient, daycare surgical procedures and outpatient treatments expenses due to illnesses and accidents. 
  • It’ll also provide:
    • Zero deductible feature which means that the customer does not have to pay upfront before receiving treatment to 150 hospitals, 
    • An e-Medical Card for a cashless admission at more than 150 hospitals across Malaysia, 
    • Reimbursement for alternative and chiropractic treatments post hospitalisation.

Under the e-Medical card, there are also:

  • A year-long mental wellness programme with Naluri for the first 1,000 customers, 
  • Lump-sum allowance for mosquito-borne diseases,
  • Covid-19 additional medical expenses of up to RM20,000 per diagnosis until 31 December 2021* (if you purchased it during March 2021), and 
  • A charitable pledge by Tune Protect to Yayasan Chow Kit to provide children from less privileged families with access to healthcare for every policy sold (RM6 each)

If you’re interested, go visit their official website for more information. You may also purchase the e-Medical card by downloading the App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

*The above article is intended for informational purposes only. Loanstreet accepts no responsibility for loss that may arise from reliance on information contained in the articles.

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