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Can You Believe the Prices of These 10 Most Expensive Homes in Malaysia?!

Updated 24 Oct 2019 – By Contributor - iProperty

With the way property prices have been increasing over the years, you’d be considered one of the lucky few if you can own a property, more so if it’s a landed type, like a terrace house. And then we have the people who are more than just “lucky”: the ones who can afford grand properties that cost more than a few million Ringgit!
“How come I never see any of these places before wan?” Of course lah, since most of these luxurious properties would be in some of the most exclusive and private neighbourhoods. Is it any surprise that these properties are owned only by the wealthiest 1% of Malaysian households?
We’ve come up with a list of the 10 most expensive homes in Malaysia for 2018, courtesy of data provided by our friends over at The information is from the Valuation and Property Services Department (JPPH) that has been compiled by brickz. Let’s take a journey into some of these magnificent homes!

10) Bungalow, Country Heights, Kajang – RM8mil

Median PSF for bungalows at Country Heights Kajang: RM371

The beautifully landscaped neighbourhood of Country Heights, Kajang is home for the elite society. It’s located about 23km away from the KL city centre. Every inch of the area is surrounded by lush tropical greenery that offers total privacy and relaxation.
Besides being spacious, these resort-style villas come with top-notch features like a music room and a pool lounge. It’s also strategically located with close proximity to the administrative district of Putrajaya and offers access to major highways and interchange stations like KTM and MRT.

9) Bungalow, Masera Bukit Segar, Cheras – RM9.5mil

Median PSF for bungalows at Masera Bukit Segar: RM453

Masera Bukit Segar is located at one of the prime areas in Cheras. It’s also one of the most sought-after postcodes in that area as it offers safety, luxury and a contemporary lifestyle – all in one address.
Surrounded by greenery at the hill of Bukit Segar, this residential area takes its inhabitants away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Apart from that, the KL city centre is only 20 minutes away while it has easy access to SILK highway and Cheras-Kajang highway.


8) Bungalow, Lebuhraya Scott, Pulau Tikus – RM9.51mil

Median PSF for bungalows at Lebuhraya Scott: RM521

Lebuhraya Scott (Scott Avenue) is a mature residential area in Pulau Tikus, Penang. The area is made up of bungalows, semi-detached and terrace houses. Back in the days, this area belonged to early British settlers like James Scott and David Brown.
It was also an estate before it was later transformed into a residential area. On top of that, it’s only a stone’s throw away from Georgetown, which is one of the certified UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

7) Bungalow, Country Heights Damansara, Kuala Lumpur – RM9.7mil

Median PSF for bungalows at Country Heights Damansara: RM903
Every Country Heights township has the reputation of being an exclusive neighbourhood for the wealthy community. For this particular one, the bungalow lots are spread over a 200-acre hilly park, surrounded by nature. The concept at Country Heights Damansara is contemporary and trendy, where the homes are designed to look stylish yet timeless.
Each bungalow comes with a serene view of the greenery, allowing its residents the chance to have their own sanctuary. Besides that, it’s only a short distance from Mont Kiara, Damansara and Hartamas while accessibility to highways like LDP, North-South highway and Sprint highway offer convenience.

6) Condominium, Serai Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar – RM11.2mil

Median PSF for condominiums at Serai Bukit Bandaraya: RM1,668

Now, this is one lavish condominium (the only one to make this list!) that’s situated at the charming area of Bangsar. As many already know, Bangsar isn’t just one of the most happening hotspots for food, shopping and entertainment. It’s also where expatriates and some of the wealthiest call home.
Each unit at Serai is designed to overlook the breathtaking view of KL’s skyline, while the architecture is designed to help its residents adapt well to the tropical climate. There are 119 standard units and two penthouses, with sizes ranging from 4,205sf to 14,000sf.

5) Bungalow, Taman Duta, Bukit Tunku – RM12.7mil

Median PSF for bungalows at Taman Duta: RM629
Taman Duta in Bukit Tunku is an elite residential area that’s surrounded by greenery (we’re starting to see a theme going on here). Most bungalows in Taman Duta are different from one another as they were custom-built according to the owners’ preferences.
Furthermore, this neighbourhood has been a preferred address for many upper-class families and prominent figures. It’s also home to many mansions and villas with an unobstructed view of KLCC.

4) Bungalow, Damansara Heights, Bukit Damansara – RM13.8mil

Median PSF for bungalows at Damansara Heights: RM646

Lonely Planet once placed Damansara Heights in their list of 10 of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods to visit, and it’s not hard to see why. This neighbourhood has kept its own unique personality despite many revitalisation activities carried out. Even though it’s one of the addresses for the affluent community, it still attracts quite a buzz with the recent eateries and bars popping up.
Dubbed as the Beverly Hills of Malaysia, it’s a neighbourhood that’s lined with leafy streets. From grocery shopping to nightlife entertainment, you can find almost every convenience in its proximity.

3) Bungalow, Lebuhraya Codrington, Pulau Tikus – RM22mil

Median PSF for bungalows at Lebuhraya Codrington: RM536

Lebuhraya Codrington (Codrington Avenue) was named after the former acting Resident Councillor of Penang, Stewart Codrington. This established upper-class neighbourhood is situated at a prime location as it’s only a short drive to Georgetown and Gurney Drive. Houses in this area are mostly three-storey bungalows with easy access to amenities like a hospital, school, and mall.
Among the nearby attractions is the Church Immaculate Conception that was inaugurated by the Eurasian community in 1811 as well as Dhammikarama Burmese Temple that was built in 1803 (the first Burmese Buddhist temple in Malaysia).

2) Bungalow, Kenny Hills, Bukit Tunku – RM26.6mil

Median PSF for bungalows at Kenny Hills: RM1,202

Kenny Hills was established since the colonial era. Also known as Bukit Tunku, it’s one of Malaysia’s most exclusive private residential areas. Named after the first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, the entire area comprises of mansions and extravagant homes with over-the-top designs.
Not just that, this neighbourhood is home to many high-net individuals and expatriates. Kenny Hills is only a 10 to 15-minute drive to Bangsar, Mont Kiara, and KL city centre and has easy access to DUKE highway, PLUS highway and Lebuhraya Sultan Iskandar.

1) MOST EXPENSIVE: Bungalow, Tijani, Bukit Tunku – RM45.68mil

Median PSF for bungalows at Tijani: RM1,001

We’ve now come to the cream of the crop: Tijani! Its name perfectly matches the high-end (OMG) price tag attached as it comes from the Arabic word ‘Al Tijani’, which means ‘crowning’ and is also often associated with Malaysia’s elite crowd.
In addition, Tijani is also adjacent to other A-list neighbourhoods like Taman Duta and Sri Hartamas. Investors and savvy property buyers who are looking for a premium home may want to check out this area to shop for future investment.

If you think that you could maybe (somehow, possibly?) afford at least ONE of the properties on this list and want to take out a home loan, why not head on over to Loanstreet's Comprehensive Home Loan Eligibility Report to see if your dream could become a reality!

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