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Sena Parc Homes, Senawang Offers Booking Fee As Low As RM500 Per Unit

Updated 11 Apr 2019 – By CONTRIBUTOR - GILA HARTANAH

"Who wouldn’t want to own landed property, right?"

Many people dream of staying in this type of house. But with the crazy prices of landed property nowadays, this dream is hard to reach. This residential type is usually sold at a non-affordable price. But we believe that if you really seek it, you will find it.

And for those who want to buy a landed property near Senawang, Negeri Sembilan, We have a 'good catch' to share with you.

Want to know? Read on.

What are the advantages of buying landed property?

The reasons that people are very focused on buying this type of property are:

1. Larger home space

This property is ideal for living with a family, and there is the freedom to make home modifications without worrying about size limits. If you want to make modifications to a high-rise home, the size of the property is one of the main factors that you need to consider. That is to say, you are not able to renovate as and when you like. However, you don't have to deal with this problem if you buy a landed house.

2. Can be sold at a higher price

Depending on the location of the house, a landed residence can usually have better capital appreciation over the long-term. Usually, within 5 years, this type of residence can achieve good capital appreciation. However, in order to get a good capital appreciation, this would depend on various factors such as location and so on.

3. Quiet and comfortable living environment

A residence that is located far from the hustle and bustle of the city, certainly promises calmness, peace, and tranquillity. Furthermore, you would have no problems of noise disturbance from neighbours because of the respectable distance between homes.


Seremban and the 11th Malaysia Plan

This is another good point for those of you who still think Seremban is a village that is still backwards (not yet developed).

Seremban is included in the 11th Malaysia Plan (RMK11) and also the Malaysian Vision Valley (MVV). This is an economic corridor plan covering 108,000 hectares including the Seremban, Port Dickson and Negeri Sembilan areas.

This means that you will see this area having the potential to further develop in the future.

In addition, Seremban also has easy access to highway networks such as:
  • NSE (North-South Expressway)
  • ELITE Expressway
  • Kajang-Seremban Expressway (LEKAS)
  • MEX (Maju Expressway)
  • Nilai-KLIA Highway
  • Damansara-Puchong Highway
  • SKVE (South Klang Valley Expressway)
It can be said that Seremban has the potential to become a 'hot' area within the next 5 to 15 years.


Comfortable and peaceful residential area, perfect for the whole family

It's time for me to share this powerhouse of a project. The project we're referring to is called Sena Parc Homes. It's a residential project within a township that’s developed on 220 acres of freehold land, complete with gorgeous natural scenery. This residential project was developed by Bright Term Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Land & General Berhad.

Now, the development of Phase One is in progress and is being built on 58 acres of land. The project is expected to be completed in 2020. Housed within the Senawang area on a former golf course, this township project promises a quiet home against a backdrop of a charming landscape setting.


How many residences are offered for Phase One?

For Phase One, 453 units of 2-storey terrace and semi-detached houses will be built. Amongst all of these units, 80 units of affordable homes will also be built. The 2-storey terrace houses are given the names of Amantara and Azalea, with built-up areas ranging from 1,797 to 2,098 square feet. You can refer to the following layouts for these 2 homes:

Type A (Amantara, 20 'X 75' and 22 'X 75'):


Type B (Azalea, 20 'X 70', and 22 'X 70'):


Complete with 8 unique types of parks

If you live in Sena Parc Homes, you have access to 8 peaceful parks, known as SenaScapes. The 8 unique parks are named:

1. Central Park

This is the central recreational park in Phase One development. Among the facilities offered here are:
  • Gazebo with jetty
  • Pond
  • Boardwalk
You can hang out here, whilst enjoying the tranquillity of comfort.


2. Wellness Park

This park has the theme of ‘calm and fitness’, perfect for those who love a vibrant lifestyle and love outdoor activities. Among the facilities available here are:
  • Jogging track
  • Outdoor gym
  • Reflexology track
  • Sunken Valley
  • Cabana

4. Picnic Park

This one is designed as an open park, suitable for picnicking activities. Among the facilities provided for your use include:
  • Playground
  • Close to the kindergarten

4. Lakeview Park

This park is equipped with a lake in the shape of an ‘infinity’ with a full-loop jogging track, lake, pedestrian route, gazebo and outdoor gym.


6. Zen Park

The park is designed with a green concept to give a 'Zen' element. Among the facilities provided in this park are:
  • Playground
  • Multi-purpose court
  • Gazebo
  • Reflexology path
  • Outdoor gym

6. Linear Park

This park is equipped with plenty of good seats throughout. In addition, it is also ideal for jogging and walking with the family.


7.  Atelier Park

This unique park is built for the purpose of meeting up and spending time with your beloved family members. Facilities available here include:
  • Walking routes
  • Benches

8. Inspiration Park

The park is built with the aim of inspiring children, and learning new things. Among the facilities provided here are:
  • Playground
  • Cabana

Each one of these parks offers different functions for the recreational use of residents and their families here. Long story short, you do not need to get out of this area for recreational activities.


A special package awaits Sena Parc buyers!

For those of you who are interested in buying a home in Sena Parc, there is an attractive offer that awaits you. This offer is especially for Loanstreet only.

Here are the offers you'll be able to enjoy:
  • 10% rebate
  • FREE MOT (Memorandum of Transfer)
  • FREE Stamp Duty, legal fees, and disbursement fees for Sales and Purchase Agreement
  • FREE Stamp Duty, legal fees, and disbursement fees for home loan applications
  • 6 months SUBSIDY for home loan instalment payments.

And most attractive of all, you only need to pay a booking fee of RM500 to secure a residential unit at Sena Parc. Wonderful, right? Click here to visit their website, if you're interested to know more. Alternatively, you can also give them a call at +60162992010.

P/S: Calculate your home loan eligibility first, by using the comprehensive tool provided here.

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