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Saves up to RM300 Every Month With GrabUnlimited!

Updated 30 Jun 2022 – By Team Loanstreet

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If you’re still paranoid about the pandemic and have been having more indoor hangouts with your friends lately, you will have had to order something from Grabfood at least once. When it’s time to check out… 


Eh? How come your friends are always getting that 50% HOTDEALS discount but you don’t?

You may have seen this feature on your Grab app. What is Grab Unlimited exactly? 

GrabUnlimited is a package that offers amazing savings for its members (you) and covers all aspects of its services. This means you get extra benefits with GrabFood, GrabCars, GrabExpress, GrabMart and GrabPay by paying a small subscription fee. 

Here’s some good news! The plan is currently at the promo price of only RM0.01 for your first month and will be at RM4.90/month afterwards.

At first glance, you may think…wah sure or not? Like too good to be true only? But really, IT IS FOR REAL. 

Shut up and take my RM4.90!

Being a GrabUnlimited member lets you earn up to 1.5% value back

… as compared to Non-GrabUnlimited — only 0.5%. What does this mean? 

  • For every RM1 you spent you will get 1.5 GrabReward2, while non-members only get 0.5.
  • Let’s say if you spent RM100 on the Grab app, you will then receive 150 GrabRewards, while Non-GrabUnlimited members will only get 50 GrabRewards.
That is a huuuuuge difference!

You can later turn your GrabRewards into discount vouchers when you use the app. And not only that, as a GrabUnlimited member you will only use fewer points to redeem any voucher. Take a look at the table below:

As shown above, if you’re a GrabUnlimited member, you will only need 500 GrabRewards to redeem an RM5 voucher. However,  if you’re not, you need to spare 750 GrabRewards.

Another thing, if you prefer to use GrabPay when making payments at physical stores, your GrabRewards is valid there too! It’s an endless cycle of spending and saving and getting more GrabRewards. All you have to do is to top up your GrabPay wallet whenever you’re at the store or about to make an online purchase.

You’ll also get EXCLUSIVE promotions/offers as a GrabUnlimited subscriber


FYI, Grab Unlimited also rewards you with exclusive monthly promotions, as well as Subscription Vouchers such as Free Delivery vouchers for Grabmart, airport rides discount, Self Pickup discount, 38% HOTDEALS and 50% HOTDEALS discount!

That’s more than RM300 saved, and with more GrabRewards collected, the more discounts you can use at other Grabpay merchants offline and online.


Even better, with GrabUnlimited, you’re allowed to stack your vouchers for GrabFood

Usually, you can only use one voucher at a time for your GrabFood order. But when you subscribe to GrabUnlimited, you can get more savings by stacking your Hot Deals offer with Free Delivery!



STEP 1: Go to GrabFood and choose any Hot Deals participating restaurants.
STEP 2: Add items to your basket, and on the checkout page click on “Offer”.
STEP 3: On the offer page, select the Hot Deals voucher and click “Use Now”.

STEP 4: To enjoy other promos, spend a minimum of RM20 to get 50X free delivery (up to RM3). It’ll be auto-applied on the checkout page, on top of the Hot Deals voucher that you’ve just applied.


That’s not all. GrabUnlimited also benefits you with the best of the GrabCar and GrabFood services!

With GrabUnlimited, you’ll get priority top-rated drivers for GrabCar which means that you get experienced drivers with a good track record only, with no extra charges. As a member, you’ll be able to see this ride option under “Suggested Rides” when booking a ride.

Other than that, you can also purchase Premium Delivery for your food orders at only RM2.50 (as compared to RM3.50 for Non-GrabUnlimited members). 

Never heard of Premium Delivery? You may have noticed this whenever you are ordering Grabfood as an added value to your order (it’s the green-coloured font near your checkout tab). When you add on Premium Delivery, you get RM25 vouchers if no drivers are found, and RM10 to RM25 vouchers if your driver is late! 


“Aiyah, am I late to the party?” 

Don’t worry, the promo is still on! But, even if you missed the promotion window, you’d still be able to save money by subscribing to the full RM4.90 price. And, this can be done with just 1 to 2 orders!

For a clearer picture, look at the example below.

Ordering an RM28.96 meal and getting an RM11.50 voucher? You win. Ordering an RM23.70 meal and using an RM3 Free Delivery voucher each time? You win again. This is what we called, 20% effort; 80% ROI.

Anyways, if you think this is sweet, this is just the beginning. Grab is expanding their benefits for these services with more value in the future! This is to ensure that their food delivery, services and platform remain affordable, convenient and rewarding for you (consumers).

The best thing about this plan? Even if you change your mind afterwards, you can just unsubscribe to this plan anytime you want. You’ll lose nothing EXCEPT the opportunity to save more monies and gain extra GrabRewards.

As we are all going back to our busy life now the endemic is setting in, who doesn’t want to save while they spend? If you haven’t already, give GrabUnlimited a try for the first month at only 1 cent.

Don’t forget to share with your family and friends about this kay!

*The above article is intended for informational purposes only. Loanstreet accepts no responsibility for loss that may arise from reliance on information contained in the articles.

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