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6 Totally Free Netflix Alternatives In Malaysia

BY Syaza Abd Jani

Updated 23 Nov 2018

If you’re a Netflix-binger, know that your ‘Netflix and chill’ days will soon turn to ‘Netflix and OMG MORE TAX’. Our new government has announced that starting from January 1st 2020, international online services including streaming giants such as Netflix and Spotify will be taxed as a part of our government’s effort to boost the local digital businesses. 

Die, soon us Netflix users will have to pay more money to binge on our favourite TV shows and movies *sobs*. But fear not, for your (money’s) sake, we at Loanstreet have researched deep in the recesses of the holy internet to bring you these FREE ways for you to continue enjoying your binge-watching without having to pay extra for tax in 2020. Heck, why wait? You can start saving your money now!

What's covered in this article?

1. iflix

We all know that iflix is Netflix’s arch-nemesis in Malaysia, but did you know that the iconic brand has expanded its presence to over 28 countries? But we’re not here for trivias; what we want you to know is that you can watch series and movies on iflix for FREE! No no, we don’t mean the 1 month free subscription, iflix now lets you watch selected shows and movies without any charges!

If you’re feeling a little extra and don’t mind paying to indulge in more selections, you can subscribe to iflix from just RM3 a week


2. Dimsum

Dimsum is a great option for you if you like Asian movies and TV series. You can find anything from sappy k-pop dramas to wet-your-pants Thai scary movies on this platform, which are totally free for the first 90 days

If you want to continue using it, you can subscribe to Dimsum for RM13.90 a month, or, if you’re a Unifi user, just RM10 a month! That said, if you’re hoping to find some English series or movies, you’ll be sorely disappointed as Dimsum is only offering Asian content at this point of time. 

3. Viu

Think of Viu as the Asian version of Netflix, it offers original content exclusive only to Viu users such as the popular Malay soap drama Jibril (you see posters about this show literally everywhere) along with countless other Asian TV shows and movies - including the notorious tear-jerker Descendants of The Sun and the hilarious The Running Man. 

Viu offers your standard 30-day free subscription; after that, you can choose to go with either its 1-month plan at RM10, or the 6-month plan at RM48, or even its yearly plan at RM88 annually. But if you want to save your money for that new phone you've been dreaming of, you can opt for Viu's free user access  - which lets you watch selected videos and shows at zero cost.


4. Youtube

Okay, before you say anything, we know that Youtube has numerous policies against pirated and copyrighted content - which makes it hard to find movies and shows that are not translated to Hindi or Indonesian language. 

BUT, if you’re patient and dig long enough, you’ll find some absolute gems such as this full length movie about the sad life of an orphaned boy who was gifted with superhuman sniffing abilities. Besides, Youtube = endless funny cat videos. *mic drop*


5. Astro Go

If you don’t already have an Astro subscription, just skip this one. Astro Go is a free feature offered by, well, Astro, which lets you enjoy your subscribed channels on your smartphone or tablet anywhere in Malaysia.

Apparently not all programmes are available on Astro Go, but you’ll still have a fair few to choose from. 


6. HyppTV Everywhere

This is another option that you can skip reading if you don’t have a HyppTV subscription (unless you’re thinking about signing up for it). HyppTV Everywhere is a free tool for you to watch your subscribed HyppTV channels on those days you feel like being an outdoor couch potato. 


Honorable mention...

7. tonton

tonton is a homegrown free video streaming service owned by Malaysia's entertainment giant, Media Prima Bhd. It lets you watch tons of local flavoured TV series and movies in Malay and Chinese languages. tonton also offers its own original series, such as Raisha (Malay language) and Chic-King (Chinese language). On top of that, you can also watch live Media Prima TV shows from channels like ntv7, TV3, and more!  

Don't worry if you're always on-the-go, tonton offers free app for you to watch their shows anywhere on both App Store and Google Play.


Can you think of other free entertainment streaming sites?

These are the halal online entertainment streaming options that we have found so far - if you’re thinking of the non-halal ones (such as file sharing or torrent websites), do so at your own risk. We’d tell you to stop because it’s illegal, but hey, we’re all adults here. 

Don’t just keep this information to yourself, help share this article and spread the word to help your family and friends save more money! Do you have any other suggestions on free (halal) entertainment streaming sites? Leave a comment on our Facebook post here!

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