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4 Ways To Kiamsiap (Read: Kedekut) on Valentine’s Dates

Updated 11 Feb 2020 – By Team Loanstreet

So… CNY is over and Valentine’s day is just around the corner - which means restaurants, florists, and almost everything else marketed towards showing your love will be marked up kaw-kaw. In an effort to protest against the overpriced superficial stuff during this festive day of love, we at Loanstreet have compiled 4 kiamsiap ideas for one-of-a-kind Valentine’s dates (but not chin chai, okay).


1. Somewhere only we know...

Nothing satisfies the expectation of a typical romantic date than a lovely dinner overlooking the city skyline, right? This can still be done without costing much - of course, there's a twist. Instead of spending so much on a fancy-schmancy dinner at a rooftop bar, why not tapao a nice, mess-free meal like pasta (tips: you can check out Little Fat Duck/Humble Chefs for great options). It can be any food that you and your partner would enjoy. Then, drive up to one of the many lookout points available near your place. 

In KL, you can go to places like Changkat Semantan, Jalan Bukit Pantai and Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (as suggested by the netizens). The Ampang lookout point is also popular, but it has closed down. But, about 1km downhill from the original looking point, there's a hipster looking pasar malam/foodtruck place that you can go to. The view is still breathtaking.


2. Have a DIY movie date night

Watching movies can be expensive if you don't do it right and this is something that you couples are already doing anyway. So, how are we going to spice up this activity without breaking the bank? We suggest you to settle in for some greasy, budget romance.

All you need is a DIY pillow fort or Arabian tent of love, some easy comfort food like Domino's (they have Buy 1, FREE 2 promo at the moment), laptop (even better if can get projector) and also a few downloaded movies; or you can also borrow your friend's Netflix account. Nothing beats 

If this is a little mafan for you and your partner, then head over to the KL Majestic Hotel’s screening room for some old films. The best part about this is that you get to feel like ATAS people without spending like one - yup, it's FREE.  If you're not a guest, don't fret because they would still welcome you (we've called them to confirm this). Don't forget to call the hotel and book your seats because it's limited. 

But, if showing effort is not your thing, just use your Hong Leong Gold or Platinum Credit Card to buy movie tickets from GSC (via website/app) for RM6 per ticket (this doesn't apply on Wednesday). Oh, RHB also has an ongoing promo called RM8 WEEKEND that's valid at all MBO Cinemas NATIONWIDE.

3. Soar above the skies for less than RM5

Enjoy some fun in the sun with your date at Kepong Metropolitan Park. Yes, the one with colourful kites perpetually flying above. Kite-flying is such an affordable outdoor activity that can be romantic, you know. Plus, you get to spark your inner child joy. So how much do you need to spend on a kite? Some of the colourful kites at the place is selling at RM10. 

If you feel that RM10 for a kite doesn't make any financial sense, you can make your own from newspaper or mahjong paper. This would cost you less than RM5. On top of that, it'll add to the fun and can be rewarding too. One thing that you should do is to check on the weather - you don't want it to be too hot that it'll kill the mood.

4. Let your credit card points show some love

This idea is much more suitable for those who don't mind spending money on Vale but of course, SMARTLY. With the right card in hand, you can take advantage of the reward points and promos offered. If you have reward points that have been accumulating long enough, this is the time to use it.

For example, Ambank's current Chinese New Year Redemption helps you celebrate the lovey-dovey day without spending extra - all you are points! There’s no better way to use them than on a surprise gift for your loved one, right? 

If you don't have a credit card yet, you can apply it here. Make sure to do a comparison across 15 banks in Malaysia before applying. 

That's all for now. Do you have any kiamsiap Valentine's date experience? We'd like to include them here.
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