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How Much Will Your Home Renovation Cost You?

Updated 19 Oct 2018 – By Loanstreet

Ever seen those beautiful, personalised, and luxurious home interiors on social media? Those sleek Scandinavian kitchenettes, fancy lightings, and cool calming bedrooms? Customised interiors that fulfill their function and reflect your style will make your home feel 'just right'. Short of D.I.Y-ing with off-the-shelf fixtures, you might think renovations to create your perfect abode are only for the moneyed elite.

Well, get ready to break out the #inspiration and get down to creating your dream home; interior remodelling is much more affordable than you think. Based on cost analysis and years of our data, we’re happy to share how much repairs and remodelling on your appliances and fixtures cost:


Kitchen renovations

Foodie or not, the kitchen is crucial to your perfect home. You’ll use it frequently for meals, food storage, and entertaining guests. You’ll not only need the proper appliances and cabinets for the area, but it’s important to nail down the right wall and countertop textures for the right ambiance. On top of aesthetics, you’ll have to consider practicality as well!

Take the kitchen above, for example. Sleek, modern, minimalist, and clean. What goes into making it, and for how much? Here’s the breakdown:

1) Tiled backsplash

Kitchen interiors should be able to withstand regular use, constant exposure to heat, moisture, running water, and oil, be comfortable and easy to clean. Tiles are the to-go interior because they’re more water-resistant than regular walls and easier to maintain than wallpaper if you’re concerned about oil and gravy splatters.

In the example above, the white tile backsplash is both practical and pleasant to the eyes. Its light, neutral colour is easy to match, blending well with the dark granite countertop and metal appliances.

On average, tile installation will cost you from around RM2.50 to RM7.50 per square feet.

2) Granite countertop

The countertop should also be hardy and easy to maintain. Granite, for example, is among the more affordable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing option. Darker colours are also recommended if you’re worried about stains - the above black granite countertop, for example, pair very well with the white tiles, furniture, and hardwood floors.

A full granite countertop can set you back between RM150 to RM850 per square feet; perhaps a bit on the pricey side, but still a good investment for a long-lasting, beautiful kitchen.

3) Refrigerator repair

What’s more important in your kitchen than the handy dandy fridge? Don’t throw out your old one for a smart refrigerator - consider fixing and servicing your existing appliance instead. A well-maintained fridge can last you from 14 to 17 years and will definitely be more economical than replacing it every year or so. Refrigerator repair will generally cost you around RM85 to RM350, depending on the service needed and type of fridge.


Dining room renovations

Complement your perfect kitchen with a cosy dining room. It’s a space for you to socialise, relax, and eat in peace and comfort. Generally, it is advisable to avoid garish colours and awkward furniture for a clean, calm design.

The example above shows a simple yet personable dining room with:

1) Wall painting

Colouring your walls adds to the ambience. With many types of finishes, paints, and colouring techniques to choose from, you’ll have to pick a proper combination to nail down your desired look and feel.

For instance, the soft mint green in the example gives off a relaxing vibe while pairing nicely with the darker furniture. Other neutral colours - like cream or light grey - would also work well, although more textured and patterned options - including Parchment Stripes or Venetian Plaster - are available for a more complex feel.

So it’s important to get help from professional painters with the right skills, materials, and eye for design to help you find your desired look. You’ll generally spend from RM850 to RM4,300 for a good paint job.

2) Lighting installation

Good lighting is a must for any interior. With so many options to choose from, you’ll have to consider fixtures that will be functional and practical on top of being affordable. You can purchase a lighting set off-the-shelf, although generally it’s best to engage a professional to install safely and properly install these fixtures.

The services can cost from RM30 to RM140 per unit, depending on the complexity of the installation.

3) Carpet cleaning

Carpeting for your dining room might seem a little unconventional, but it does add warmth, elegance, and a little bit of luxury. Simple, deep shades like black, brown, and mahogany adds to the ambience, while patterned ones brings a little style and personality into the area.

Carpets are a little finicky to maintain and requires proper cleaning - more than regular vacuuming! - at least once or twice each year. Areas with more footfall - from human to furry bundles of joy - would require more intensive maintenance and cleaning.

Generally, expect to spend from RM0.80 to RM2.00 per square feet of carpeting when you get the help of expert carpet cleaners. A good spend to keep your interior healthy and clean!


Bedroom renovations

The bedroom is your domain. As a private and intimate place to relax and be yourself, you’d want it to look and feel just right. As with any good design, narrowing down a theme for your bedroom helps instruct your remodelling and furniture-shopping options.

The example above shows a calm, minimalistic and rustic design that’s not only pleasant, but relatively affordable as well. It includes:

1) Wallpaper installation

Aesthetically adaptable and full of character, wallpapers are a popular choice for bedroom interiors. They come in a variety of designs, colours, and textures to suit your own personality and style. On average, wallpaper installation can cost from RM50 to RM250 per roll, although you should consult an expert service provider for specific quotes on any particular wallpaper installation.

2) Curtain making

Why not get matching curtains to go with your lovely walls? Good curtain choice will add a little something extra to your bedroom, and you can start by reading our useful guide to selecting the right curtains.

Curtains are available off-the-shelf or custom-made and installed by professionals. The latter’s cost will vary according to design and material type, but typically ranges from RM9 to RM12 per square feet.


Bathroom fixtures

Private and intimate, your bathroom should be comfortable, clean, and pleasant to use. Don’t neglect this space! Something bright, convenient, and easily maintained is a good way to go. Consider these essentials:

1) Sink installation

Bathroom sinks come in all shapes and sizes, from the simple porcelain to the fancy hipster designs made of marble or repurposed vintage units. Professional installation by experts will cost around RM160 to RM550 - a good budget for proper, leak-free plumbing. As always, the exact cost will vary according to the design complexity.

Among the more ergonomic, space-saving and easy-to-clean options are top-mount sinks, seen in the above example. They’re a good choice for any countertop material and incorporates all features and fixtures expected of a bathroom sink into one unit. A go-to for many professional interior designers and sink contractors.

2) Plumbing repair

Inevitably, your cosy bathroom will run into some plumbing issues - from clogs to leaks - so it’s important to have a go-to, licensed professional plumber with the right tools and experiences on call. A plumbing job will cost around RM80 to RM250, again depending on the service required, but ensure that you are engaging someone who knows best to get the best bang out of your buck. Compromises can end up being costlier!

To conclude

Decor and design is a lot more affordable, fun - and harder! - than you signed up for. From choosing furniture to figuring out the right plumbing, Kaodim’s professional interior designers are here to help. For more home services, including home renovation and maintenance, go on Kaodim today to request a service and receive free quotations. Your perfect home is only one step away!

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