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8 Amazing High Paying Jobs in Malaysia 2020

BY Ian Quah

Updated 11 Mar 2020

To those that are deciding on a career path, we've never been more excited to share these 8 amazing high paying jobs in 2020 Malaysia that are in high demand. Let’s take a look from a descending order in terms of salary plus a little insight into the job’s pros and cons. 

*The salaries are based on average earnings a year.

What's covered in this article?

1. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

You don't have to worry about hackers macam ni and definitely don't have to put tape over your laptop camera. However, ethical hackers are no different in terms of skill set with hacker jahat, but they are the white knight of hackers. They utilise their knowledge to fish out weaknesses in systems to evaluate its security threshold in a lawful and ethical aspect. This job can tempt you to go over the fence when you have access to highly confidential information. "Greed is good" If you know, you know. 

Salary: RM 63,000 a year/ RM5,250 a month


2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Manager  

This is a rising skill for many companies as the majority of consumer’s activities are digitised. Every SEO expert's goal is to build the company’s search results to the top of the page in search browsers. The work includes creating quality content, ensuring website user-friendliness, and analysing data. If you are one of those digital marketing enthusiasts, you might want to get a posture strap because there would be days when you are not able to leave the chair trying to find out why your page ranking dropped and below your competitors in Google. 

Salary: RM106,020 a year/ RM8,835 a month


3. Insurance agent 

Living the commission life by selling insurance policies to individuals. Basically, the money comes raining when you close more deals. Plus, this job is super flexible in working hours as well as academic requirements. It strives in the power of communication and building relationships with your network. The high achievers can even earn more than the average salary. However, are you ready to face harsh challenges such as rejection and clients ghosting you? You need the “thick face” you know.

Salary: RM36,828 a year/ RM3,069 a month 


4. Talent Acquisition Specialist 

From the job title itself, it already sounds so masyuk kan. These specialists are at constant war with talent as it is scarce in the market. The job requires excellent communication and observation skills to pick up potential candidates for employment. It goes two ways in this job, you want the talent but the talent may not want you. So this lies heavily on how well you can bargain terms and convince them to accept your offer but not your competitors. 

Salary: RM 60,724 a year/ RM5,060 a month


5. Ghostwriter

When was the last time anyone heard of a ghostwriter surfaced in the news? Probably the only time when Cardi B was exposed to using ghostwriters to write her songs. If you haven’t had a clue yet, basically ghostwriters produce content for others and the writer will not get any credit from the work done. Pay is good and flexible work arrangements but before pursuing this shadow career path, establishing your name in the future as a content writer could be difficult because your resume will be empty. 

Salary: RM84,311 a year/ RM7,025 a month


6. Oil rig drilling engineer 

Image source:

These guys memang we have to salute kaw kaw lah. They work and live in the middle of the ocean in the oil rig! Also, their usual working hours are 12 hours a day and so they can't be posting Insta story “oh, another day at work” due to safety issues. However, they are the ones yang does the job so that we can pump petrol. So for those that have a knack in engineering and math, it is a bright future for you out there as the demand is very high. 

Salary: RM120,000 a year/ RM10,000 a month


7. Chiropractor 

You see mak cik leng lui and abang macho also will suffer from back pain - doesn't matter if you're young or old. So, we have to pay attention to our sitting and standing posture, and the suitability of our bed mattress. Kalau tak the chiropractors will crack here crack there and make you come back every weekend for follow up. Which means, if this is the path you wanted to go for, you can make money. 

Salary: RM131,940 a year/ RM10,995 a month


8. Streamer 

Majority of streamers just sit in front of the computer, play games and some even make money streaming themselves sleeping. The revenue usually comes from viewers giving donations and sponsorship deals. Recently there's been a special case that has sparked a lot of attention about streaming as a job. It was about MissRose Gaming a.ka. LyndaEmbran, earning RM 18,000 a month from streaming PUBG on Facebook live and all she was told was to do is “balik dapur la”. Gaming is your passion, yes. But, are you willing to put in the hours to build your audience? 

Salary: RM 216,000 a year/ RM18,000 a month


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