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Cost of Living in Malaysia vs Singapore

Updated 31 Oct 2018 – By Loanstreet

With the current value of the Malaysian ringgit, the cost of living has dramatically changed between Malaysia and Singapore.  And because of that many of us (if not all), are looking for better career opportunities (most importantly, better pay) in our neighbouring country - Singapore. That being said, is the grass really greener on the other side? Let's take a look at the infographic below.



So, is the grass REALLY greener on the other side?

Well, based on the comparisons above, it can be concluded that the living cost in Singapore is 58.55% higher than Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) if you were to compare side by side due to our weak ringgit. However, if you're comparing dollar to dollar, the living cost in Singapore is rather reasonable to a certain degree. For example, look at the price of a set of McDonald's, Starbucks, cinema ticket and Volkswagen Golf - they are noticeably cheaper. That being said, the living cost can be very subjective as it depends on your lifestyle choices.

Are you a Malaysian who work and live in Singapore? What's your thought?
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