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9 Ways to Kiamsiap During Movement Control Order (MCO) 2.0

BY Mia Fitri

Updated 17 Mar 2021

It looks like after 8 months of recovery and conditional Movement Control Order (MCO), it’s time for another 2 weeks lockdown or what’s been called as MCO 2.0.  

According to Denise Cheok, an expert, this would hurt our economy significantly. She said, “Industrial production and retail sales are still below pre-pandemic levels, and additional restrictions would be a hit to consumer and investor sentiment.”

So while we’re waiting for this MCO to end, many of us are worried about the impact of this order on their income. Times are hard, and as much as our bougie backsides hate it, we've to learn to adapt and to save money. If you find yourself constantly worrying about stretching your budget for the next 2 weeks-ish (or worse, till June!), check out some ways you can be kiamsiap during this MCO.

What's covered in this article?

1. Overcook!

Yes, the Nintendo Switch game Overcooked is a great one to play during this lockdown, but what we meant here is for you to cook more every time you’re in the kitchen. You can prepare food to last 3 to 4 meals, which also helps you not go into the kitchen to cook and clean as much.

Admin's tip:
The way I do it is I make a simple breakfast every morning, and then I go on to cook food for today and tomorrow's lunch and dinner. Yes, this means you need to eat the same food 4 times in 2 days - but, we really can’t complain in this situation!


2. Prepare a common office space for WFH

If you’re living with housemates or your family and each of you are required to work from home, PLEASE DON’T work in your bedroom the entire time. You guys can instead sama-sama work in a common space such as the living room, so you will only need to turn one 1 air-cond/fan/light the whole day!

Not only will you jimat your electric bill, but this can also be a good way to bond with the people you live with, and reduce your tendency for stress and loneliness. 


3. Go out for groceries only 1x a week

When you go out for groceries you will need to spend money on fuel, you need to wear a mask and later throw it away, and then you also have to do ALL THAT WASHING AND SANITISING. You can do less of this if you only go out for groceries once a week!

Of course, not all of us are privileged enough to be able to afford a full trolley every week, so what you can do is to get all the main items that you need from the supermarket, and opt for your local mini-mart to top up any wet groceries like meat and vegetables. Going to a local mart near you not only cut your travel distance but also helps generate the economy for small local suppliers.


4. Opt for a second-hand item when shopping

We are all very free during this MCO and so we know how much more often we visit shopping sites… But hey, don’t forget that second-hand shopping apps like Carousell and Mudah also exist! Not only will you be able to get the items you need for a cheaper price, but you can also get them faster. With direct sales from the seller, you can opt for GrabExpress and get your item on the same day, instead of having to wait for all the ma fan courier delays.


5. Shower less...than usual

We are all staying at home, and so many of us are not sweating at all! If you can, shower only once a day and use the same set of clothing as long as they are clean. Not only will you jimat water and jimat toiletries. And, you also don’t have to do laundry as much as you need. This is also good for the environment! However, err, please skip this tip if you have a BO issue. Especially if you live with people.


6. If you need to use something just once, consider borrowing it!

With all of these inspiring MCO Masterchefs all over our social media, everyone has suddenly become very adventurous in their cooking. Many of us find ourselves rummaging for rare tools like the whisk or the can opener in our kitchen, only to realise we don’t own one.

Try asking to borrow from your neighbours, or friends and families that live nearby. Buy them only if you are sure you will use it again wayyyy after the MCO. Another thing you can do is research online the alternatives to these tools, so you can use what you have at home instead. Admin successfully made Dalgona coffee with a fork, guys!


7. Get people to join you for premium Netflix/Spotify/Zoom/Google Drive plan

Now more than ever, we are spending all our time on the internet, especially on Netflix. If you had previously not owned Netflix, or been paying for an account all by yourself, consider asking friends and family to join you for a shared account. Many people are looking to have an account, so it should be really easy!


8. Always buy in bulk with your family

Whenever you are going out for groceries, make sure to ask everyone at home what they need so you can buy any similar items in bulk. Bigger packagings are always cheaper, so everyone can save. The same goes for online shopping - try to buy different items from the same supplier so you save on delivery. This also applies for ordering in - get everyone to agree on the same restaurant so you can split the delivery cost. If your household is always ordering in, everyone can take turns to pick the restaurant to avoid any fights.


9. Use water instead of toilet paper!

We cannot stress this enough. To all our fellow Malaysians who have not jumped on the “pipe, water and hand” bandwagon yet, this MCO is a great time to start. We only have good things to say about this - it is cleaner, it saves the environment, and you get to really know your backs. 

So there we have it! Do you have any other methods you have been using to stay kiamsiap? Share with us in the comments!

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