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Stress MCO 3.0? Here Are 11 Affordable Psychology Centres

Updated 01 Sep 2021 – By Farhana Adli

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*This article was translated by Farhana Adli from Stress PKP 3.0? 11 Tempat Rawatan Psikiatri Berpatutan

The government had recently enforced the MCO 3.0 as the daily Covid-19 cases spiked around 6K to 7K. What a huge number, right? And if we added the daily death number of Covid-19 patients, a crazy amount we got there. 

We’re sure, these days, you can see the news regarding suicide cases from your social media which is increasing day by day. Some were caused, primarily, by the overwhelming stress due to income loss during this pandemic. According to Datuk Seri Abd Jalil Hassan, there were 1,708 cases from 2019 to May 2021 - 281 males and 1,427 females approximately. 

This whole thing is starting a trend or initiative called Bendera Putih and has circulated in social media to reduce the number of suicide cases in Malaysia. It’s considered as the person requires help - be it financial or food aid. At first, the authorities were rooting for the campaign, but they’ve decided to ban it now somehow. Of course, the public wasn’t happy about this as this can become an external factor for one to be more stressed thus increasing in the suicide cases digits.  

If you ever feel like you’re no longer motivated, lost hope, and have difficulty focusing on your task, it could mean that you have symptoms of depression. And, we’d like to recommend you to seek professionals’ help. 

Check out these psychiatrists' places at affordable prices.


1. Befrienders

Price: Free

The telephone numbers for Befrienders Malaysia.

FYI, Befrienders is a 24/7 hotline that is managed by volunteers to help those who have unstable emotions. If you ever need someone to talk to, we believe this is a suitable platform for you.

For those who doubted this all-day-long hotline, relax! We assure you that it did work out. We tried this hotline at midnight and someone did pick up the call. Nevertheless, just a heads up, there are also some complaints concerning the unattended phone calls. 

Since the swiftness of their response depends on the number of cases they have to handle, they might not be able to attend to your phone calls immediately. So, please don’t feel rejected.

Contact: 03 7627 2929
Skype: BefKL Skype1


 Feedback from the consumers

What’s good? 

  • The calls are FREE for Celcom, DiGi, Maxis, Telekom Malaysia, TIME dotcom, UMobile, Webe, or YT users. 

What we dislike? 

  • Might not be suitable for long-term treatment.

  • Sometimes they might not be able to attend the calls.

2. RELATE Malaysia


RM45 - a 50-minute one-to-one session with a trainee

RM120 - a screening test (the report will also be given)

RM150 - a 50-minute one-to-one session with a psychiatrist


Source: Facebook Relate Malaysia

RELATE Malaysia has also offered online sessions with their patients as befits the MCO 3.0. You will be scheduled for an online session such as a video call with the professional counsellors. The available treatments are screening tests, individual dan group therapy sessions – depends on one’s preference. 

Usually, RELATE Malaysia’s psychiatrists will recommend the most suitable therapy for you guys, for instance, behaviour therapy, cognitive therapy, or interpersonal therapy. But, no worries about that, though. They won’t put the squeeze on you guys so you are free to choose whatever kind of therapy that suits you.  

Oh! Just a heads up for you guys - before the session begins, there will be a screening test so make sure you’re prepared for it. Do check it out here




Feedback from the Facebook user.  

What’s good? 

  • The result of the screening test can be used as a reference letter for a further therapy session in other hospitals. 

  • It’s online, great during pandemic or if you have social anxiety.

What we dislike? 

  • No medicine will be given. 

3. Thrive Well 

Price: RM50 (per session with B40 only).


Image source: Facebook Thrive Well

Thrive Well is that community that was rolled out to help the mental disorders of a different race, income class as well as age because kids can also suffer from depression. Besides that, the place would be a great fit for those in the B40 segment. 


The therapy fee may differ from different income classes to decide whether you’re eligible for the subsidy given because RM50 will be subsidised to the B40 category only. 

Contact: +6018-900-3247 




Feedback from a Facebook user. 

What’s good? 

  • RM50 subsidy will be given to the B40 group. 

What we dislike? 

  • The fee sessions vary in prices for different income classes

  • Some of M40 may not be able to afford it. 

 4. HumanKind Community Counselling

Price: RM50 (per session)             

Image source: Facebook HumanKind

HumanKind Community Counselling is a mental health service which is famous for their affordable treatment prices so we believe most of you can afford it here. With only RM50, you are open to other courses such as the use of space, utilities, and supervision. Having said that, the said utilities aren’t available during MCO. 

For those who can’t afford the treatment fee, fret not, it’s low-priced. You guys just need to inform them regarding your financial issue, then, you’re good to go! At a super affordable price, you can get your treatment here through online sessions. 

Do book your appointment here


Feedback from the customers.

What’s good? 

  • Reasonably priced yet they will still help the financially troubled clients. 

What we dislike? 

  • Not suitable if you need a medical prescription. 

5. Cara Cara Mental Fitness.


RM50 - A session with trainee counsellors 

RM80 - A session with a professional counsellor. 


Image source: Facebook Cara-cara

Cara-cara is a mental fitness centre that offers psychological treatment without considering one’s sexual preference, religion, race nor gender. Also, they offer inexpensive mental treatment for those who require them but can’t afford other places.

Take note that during MCO 3.0, they will treat the patients through online sessions only, but for now, the place is already fully booked. Their sessions will be given to those who have registered only. So, you guys need to constantly check on their website or social media for an update, okay? Do book your session here.




Feedback from the customers. 

What’s good? 

  • Reasonably priced therapy with professional counsellors. 

What we dislike?  

  • There is a waiting list because the slots are fully booked at the moment.

6. MY Confidential

Price: RM50 - 250 (per session)



Image source: Facebook MY Confidential 

MY Confidential is a private NGO that was established for a one-to-one counselling session with the interns, students as well as professional counsellors who major in psychology. The prices differ as it depends on their experience in the field. Also, they are operating from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. by online sessions, so, those who are working can have their sessions after clock out. Nice, innit? 

Contact: 018-913 6688



Feedback from the customers.


Feedback from the customers.

What’s good? 

  • Suitable for those who have a tight budget. 

What we dislike? 

  • No medicine prescription for those who require it. 

7. The Mind Faculty (TMF)

Price: RM80 - RM350

Image source: Facebook The Mind Faculty

The Mind Faculty also offers their clients an affordable fee for therapy even though they are a private clinic. They have 20 professional psychologists in the field of psychiatry, psychology, counselling sessions, and complementary therapy. So you can definitely count on them!  

To make an appointment, you have to make a phone call first, YA! Even though the sessions will be online. 

Contact: 03-6203 0359


Feedback from the customers. 

What’s good? 

  • Medicine prescriptions will be given to those in need. 

  • Operating on Saturday (great for weekdays busy bees).

What we dislike? 

  • The price may be pricey to some people. 

8. Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA) 


RM100 - a session with a certified counsellor

RM120 - first session

RM150 - subsequent sessions with the professional counsellors

RM180 - first session with the professional counsellors

MMHA logo 

Okay, we have a piece of good news for those who think their fees are too pricey. MMHA gives a subsidy for those who can barely afford the sessions, so you can still attend the sessions without worrying about the amount left in your bank account. Several impressive certified counsellors will also attend you guys during this MCO 3.0. So, book your appointment here, ya! 

Contact: 017-613 3039.

 Feedback from a Facebook user.

What’s good? 

  • You can meet excellent certified counsellors here. 

  • The subsidy will be given to those who can’t afford it.

What we dislike? 

  • The fee may be too high-priced for some people. 


9. Pusat Kaunseling Selangor (PKS) 

Price: It may be free or need to be paid (RM200 per hour) 

 Services in Pusat Kaunseling Selangor 

As it’s currently EMCO in Selangor, the centre is only open for online sessions (video call or call) to replace the face-to-face sessions. You can always refer to their Facebook, Pusat Kaunseling Selangor-Talian Sahabat for more information, ya! 

Contact: 03 5519 050
WhatsApp: 013 300 9291

What’s good? 

  • Suitable for those who need professionals’ help. 

What we dislike? 

  • The free service may not be suitable for the ones who suffer from severe depression, thus, you may be charged for a better service. 

10. MentCouch Psychology Centre


RM100 - Trial session

RM 200 - First session

RM299 - Second session and above 


Image source: Facebook MentCouch Psychology Centre 

MentCouch Psychology Centre helps not only adults, but children with mental disorders as well by offering counselling sessions, one-to-one sessions, and family sessions. Not only that, but they will also help to teach their clients the correct breathing techniques and guide them into a state of relaxation to help scale down one’s mental disturbance. 

They are also offering their clients a yoga class in helping to overcome their depression through online sessions only. Wanna hear another awesome thing about them? So, now they are offering a Virtual Reality Therapy session, which isn’t available in every other place yet. Cool, right?? 

Contact: 03-2712 9372

Feedback from the customers.


Feedback from the customers.

What’s good? 

  • Operating on Saturday (great for weekdays busy bees)

  • Yoga sessions and meditation are available here. 

What we dislike? 

  • Not ideal if you need a medical prescription. 

  • The fee therapy may be a bit too pricey for certain people.

11. The Help Talk


RM200 - face-to-face session (one hour) 

RM192 - online messaging session (with the professionals) 

 Image source: Google

For those who feel uncomfortable talking with strangers, we recommend you try out this application that has the same concept as other messaging apps. On this platform, you guys can chat with the professional counsellors as much as you want, however, the chatting is limited to only 2 times a day – Monday to Friday only. 

You are required to answer a few questions regarding your mental state, only then they would be able to find suitable counsellors for you beforehand.

Unfortunately, this application is only available for Android users only. Bummer.

What’s good? 

  • The subscription to the online messaging can be cancelled anytime. 

  • Great for those who want a one-to-one session. 

What we dislike? 

  • Not fit for the emergency (those who have constant suicidal thoughts).

  • Late reply.

  • Medication prescriptions aren't available.

  • The app is only limited to Android users. 


While waiting for your appointment to be set, here are some suggestions to calm that overwhelming feeling...                                                  

  • The jumping rope exercise or techniques. Not only it looks fun and trending on social media, it can also help you to reduce stress because it increase blood circulation to your body and brain.

  • A 30-minute walk in your neighbourhood. According to a Healthline, the lack of Vitamin D can cause depression. Getting some sun on your skin can help your body generates Vitamin D, so go ahead and take that walk. Not only that, exercising outdoor and inhale the fresh air is also great for mindfulness. 

  • Zumba. We believe that this technique is one of the best ways to help in reducing your stress and anxiety as we have tried it before and it does help. Just tune in to any upbeat or any of your favourite songs and dance your stress away! 

  • Lessen the caffeine intake. If you guys experience anxiety, we suggest you ease up on your coffee intakes or it will trigger your anxiety more. But, you also don’t want to abruptly reduce or stop because it can lead to withdrawal symptoms which cab be anxiety-producing.

Okay, chill! We have tried the suggested techniques so we can assure you that it does help. We truly hope that you guys will bust a gut trying the advised ways, alright? 



Image source: Google     

Other than that, if you guys want clarification on whether the burdened feelings are caused by stress or an actual depression, you guys can give these 21 questions of the DASS Test (Depression Anxiety Stress Scale test) a fly before seeking the professionals' help. But, a friendly reminder here, this test is not for a diagnosis, but only for reference, ya!  

Take care. Kita jaga kita. 

*The above article is intended for informational purposes only. Loanstreet accepts no responsibility for loss that may arise from reliance on information contained in the articles.


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