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How Much Medical Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

While many people would feel stressed and lost after listening to insurance agents’ well-articulated pitches about the benefits of different insurance plans, we realise that many would eventually make choices that seem to be wrong, in the hinds...

Are You Over Insured Or Underinsured

We often think to ourselves questions like these; ‘Which type of life insurance policy suits me most?’ ‘How much life insurance coverage do I need?’ Well, questions like these are very difficult and tricky to answer as it is different for everyone.

Online Life Insurance Reviewed By Industry Professionals

If you are like many young Malaysians who live without life insurance, it might be time to consider buying a policy.

How Much Of Your Premiums Go Towards Your Agent’s Commission?

Contrary to what many people think, life insurance doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. Among many consumers, especially the youth, the thought of adding on financial commitments and learning up on the technical workings of insurance ofte...

Think Twice About Being Uninsured

Before you dismiss this as just another cliché lecture on the importance of buying life insurance, why wouldn’t you think insurance is important?