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 11 Things You Might Be Doing That May Hurt Your Credit Score

What Is A ‘Credit Score’ And Why Is It Important? Your credit score reflects your creditworthiness to banks. A good credit score could mean enjoying better credit terms and better interest rates. On the other hand, a bad score could shut you out f...

Applying For A Home Loan If You Are Self Employed

A self-employed person, be it as a freelancer, a consultant or artist faces challenges in obtaining a home loan due to the fluctuating nature of their income sources. This article highlights some useful tips, which a self employed person can imple...

How To Improve Your Borrowing Power

In the first 6-months of 2015 itself, about 35% of housing loans have been rejected by banks – which is a 6% increase from last year, according to a survey conducted by the Real Estate and Housing Developers Association of Malaysia (REHDA).